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Zack Snyders’ version of the Justice SquadThe film, which the director was unable to finish in 2017 due to special circumstances, can be watched worldwide from Thursday. The reviewers couldn’t have been happier with the four-hour-long movie than they were Justice Squad By Joss Whedon (from 2017), although there has been some positive feedback as well.

Justice Squad Van Whedon, who took over from Snyder in 2017, was poorly received. After a fan call, Snyder decided Justice Squad It can still be installed to your own taste. The superhero movie, with the roles of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill), lasts over four and a half hours and consists of new scenes.

final date – He doesn’t give stars

“What stands out is the serious tone in the movie, which is never interrupted for a glimmer of humor. After a while, you just want someone to break the mood by farting or stare or whatever, to get there you can praise Snyder kept the same atmosphere in his movie for four hours, but it’s a pity that he didn’t try to add some difference, also because all of the characters are incredibly one-dimensional.

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Watchman Four out of five stars

Snyder version of Justice Squad It has a new chiaroscuro atmosphere (strong contrasts between light and dark, editor), new background stories, new secondary characters and a different ending that is more disturbing. The enormous character and mythical grandeur of the film, combined with an enduring atmosphere of doom, make it a very entertaining project, despite Henry Cavill’s non-charismatic acting skills. ”

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Eagle – He doesn’t give stars

“Snyder’s version loses itself in all events. The movie lasts four hours and two minutes, and it should have been three hours. There are times when you are convinced the end is near, but there is still more than two hours to go. But without all of these melodramatic and distracting side paths in some Sometimes, the film will lose what makes it special. This is exactly where the beating heart of the movie lies. “

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New release Justice Squad It can be viewed from March 18th via Pathé Thuis.

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