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Second album Green baby Features an intriguing mix of retro electronic pop songs and indie rock. You will hear vague influences from craftwork and early orchestral maneuvers in the dark. This is the input of Australian Mikey Young. American Raven Mahon’s low-fi post-punk past with guitar songs comes to the fore. Although Mahon’s voices are the connecting element, the combination of these genres has not been very successful.

His drawing voice produced Tragedy Sometimes reminiscent of Astrot Gilberto, somehow better suited to the synthesizer sound. These are the best tracks of this album. Some indie rock songs like ‘Tony Bandhana’ feel like that Out of place. Funnily enough, they are more dated than songs deliberately created with the sounds of the early eighties. In ‘Dreamcom’, the posanova preposition of the rhythm box is used shamelessly, but it seems completely contemporary. It is slow and atmospheric music, which is characterized by open sound. Production at home studio is not fully up. ‘Resurrection’ is a song written by Andy Kim, a Canadian singer-songwriter since 1968 – and how it fits in with others. The album ends with a mood with the quiet ‘Double Lines’, which begins with the drones and then slowly develops into a track in which Mahon Dark Sounds.

The creative couple have known each other since 2013 when they were touring together with their own band. Their introduction Green baby [2018] They went even further, separated by the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, Mahon has moved from California to Australia, where the two are living together. That is what created the legacy Shiny basset Simple in a sense. Through this action, Mahon distanced himself not only physically but also musically. Home and stove removal is translated as the theme of the lyrics. Young’s voice dominated the album. That’s a good development. If this trend continues, the third album will be even better.

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