Review: The Lost Legends of Andor: Dark Times & Ancient Ghosts

by Andor Legends Two expansions appeared that allowed us to review them. inside Andor Legends: Lost Legends is that dark times And old ghosts. While the base game has five legends, both expansions have three new legends with their own theme. When playing these expansions, you use the board from the base game with a number of cards and playing pieces. Despite the fact that these expansions were designed by the same illustrator of the base game (Michael Menzel), each expansion still manages to create its own atmosphere. Read our spoiler-free article on these new myths below!

Andor_Board . GamePhoto: Janneke Ooms-Janssen

The Lost Legends: “Dark Times”
expansion dark times Pick up where Legend 4 or 5 left off from the base game. This expansion was designed by Andreas Kälber & Christoph Kling. The heroes are in the mine and they have just completed the battle of the cave. And again, the task of the heroes, of whom the hero Kram is always one of them, is to protect Andor from evil. This evil is also presented here in many new forms. The Lost Legends “Dark Times” It builds up faster in difficulty and darkness compared to the base game, where the title actually betrays. The evil creatures that heroes encounter are much stronger. It took us several tries to win the first game.

Lost Myths: “Old Ghosts”
in expansion old ghosts It is the heroes’ task to rebuild Andor after the dragon wreaked havoc. This extension was designed by Dorothea Michaels and Matthias Miller. What stands out old ghosts It is very different atmosphere. Although using game mechanics from the base game, old ghosts You have a completely new theme that builds less on the core game. old ghosts A little more difficult in terms of difficulty than the base game, but it has a less powerful buildup. TRUE dark times Especially go down the dark road old ghosts More adventurous and there is more difference in the mechanics of the game.

Andor_Game OverviewPhoto: Janneke Ooms-Janssen

The biggest advantage of these expansions is that the player is already familiar with them Andor Legends. The first legends are not necessary now to get acquainted with the dynamics of the game. What stands out in this lost legends is that an incredible amount of material fits into a reasonably small music box. An attempt was made to place as many objects as possible in the least possible space. dark times For example, it already contains 74 pieces, sixteen game pieces, and a large collection of legend cards. Since the expansions contain many new parts, it takes a long time to get to know the game. Fortunately, there is an explanation of frequently used keywords, because we often need them. The rules were sometimes a bit unclear due to the large amount of new parts.

beating on lost legends is that these legends are much more narrative than the base game. Now that we all know Andor’s story, there’s room to dig into it. The legends contain a lot of details that you don’t necessarily need, but they make the story very beautiful. The design is nice too despite the fact that the two expansions are clearly recognizable as Andor Games, there is clearly room for their own story.

lost legends You play with two to four heroes. If you have the ‘Dark Heroes’ or ‘New Heroes’ expansion, Legends can also be played with five or six players.

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