Review the World Cup final against the United States for footballers after the goal festival against China: 8-2

The American gymnasts failed to win Olympic gold for the third time in a row. They had to leave the title to the Russians, and found Simon Piles wounded. The United States is second and Great Britain is third.

Piles still participated in the first part of the jumps. She was going to do an ‘amanar’, but instead of 2.5 turns she only did 1.5 turns. He was later treated by a doctor, came back with a wrapped leg and gave up the fight.

According to the American Federation, it is being explored daily whether these four-time champions of Rio can still play these games. He is in five more finals.

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The Russians Viktorija Listunova, Liliza Achaimova, Angelina Melnikova and Vladislava Orazova, who already had the best scores in the opening round, took the lead after two of the four regions. After moderate training by Melnikova and Urazova on the beam, it was still tense, but things on the ground were properly placed.

Although American Jordan Chillis made a big mistake, Listunova, Melnikova and Urasova excelled. The Russians won the Olympic team competition for the tenth time. The last time was during the 1992 Barcelona Games.

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