Rext van der Horst of Para Amazon finally wins the Dutch title

Gru’s Rext van der Horst has won more than a handful of Olympic medals and world titles, but has only been able to call himself the Dutch dressage champion since Saturday.

The National Championship was still missing from 29-year-old Rahat van der Horst, our country’s most successful Paralympic rider. , finally! ”, she said in Ermelo. The big target this year is of course the Paralympics, but of course that’s great too. ”

NK was the first control match at the Paralympic Games, which begins on August 26. As for the selection led by national coach Joyce van Roygen-Heuytenk, two more matches will follow before the final team is announced for Tokyo.

Van der Horst, who trains at Nistelrode in Brabant, has been a great mix with her mare Findsley NOP in the Dutch Championships. “It’s going well, but there is still room for improvement.”

“We are increasingly a team. Findsley is growing day by day. She has a very good walking quality, which very few horses can match. Her trotting has also become more expressive. We work hard during training to maintain this upward trend and to be at our peak. in Tokyo.”

Van der Horst was proud of her victory. Of course I wanted to win, but first of all I was watching the Paralympics. This title is a nice addition to a memorial wardrobe. He definitely belongs after several world titles.”

Grou’s jockey scored 157,069 with her horse after Friday’s first test and music freestyle. Defending champion Frank Husmar of Harley finished the match with a score of 156,194. Maud de Rio of Zwolle won the bronze.

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Van der Horst launched a crowdfunding campaign this year to optimally prepare for the Paralympic Games, which have been postponed for a year. So far, around 16,000 euros have been donated. Hope the Amazon for less than 37,000 euros.

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