Ricciardo is proud of his compatriot Piastri: “He did not win, he dominated”

Australian young Oscar Piastri dominated Formula 2 last season. Alpine won the talent title and had a very crushing impact on many enthusiasts and other drivers. The Australian youngster particularly impressed his lightning-fast fellow Australians.

McLaren Australian Daniel Ricciardo delights in the arts of his very young countryman. Speaking to Motorsport.com, he praised Piastri: “He not only won that championship, he dominated it. I don’t think anyone saw it coming. It’s better to fight for the title, but still better to win the title.” To succeed in this convenient way. “


Many Grand Prix winners have always had high hopes for Piastri. He thinks the world has now rediscovered itself: “I think the people here know he had talent. At least I know for sure. However, no one sees the way he dominates.”


In Abu Dhabi, interested Ricciardo found another young talent from Australia to excel. He was a proud man: “Piastri and Dohan were all Australians in the front row. A growing Aussie. The future is very bright for the players. I’m very happy to see that.”

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