Ricciardo opens in 2021: “Home sickness sounds dramatic”

Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren

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Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo Switched from Renault last season to McLaren. Next came the Australian driver Lando Norris And had a rocky start with the British team. At the start of the summer vacation his English teammate scored twice as many points. The first half of the season, according to Ricciardo Sometimes laughable. After the summer holidays, he recorded his first success at the Monza Circuit in the service of his new boss. This is McLaren’s first victory since 2012.

We are not seen as real human beings

Daniel Ricciardo

In particular, Ricciardo was unable to visit his family and friends due to travel restrictions in Australia, but due to this circumstance he Start appreciating more things outside of Formula 1. In an interview with others, Motorsport.com McLaren Driver says the first time he felt nostalgic about not being able to see family and friends. “Home sickness seems a bit dramatic, but I missed my family so much,” Ricciardo said. “Usually we had the privilege of saying, ‘I’ll buy you a ticket, take the plane and come here.’ Not being able to do this made me very frustrated. I went out of control.”

When asked if Ricciardo thinks such feelings are often overlooked among F1 drivers, he responds. “Yeah, that’s it. The person in the spotlight or on TV is not seen as a real person by the outside world. When you’ve been an actor, you say, ‘Oh, that’s Brad Pitt. He’s Superman. He can do anything. He’s neither sad nor emotional.’ ‘However, we travel a lot. , We really miss our family and friends. ” According to the former Red Bull driver, this will not have much of an impact on his driving. “But if things are not going well, it will definitely have an effect. Precisely you want the support and love of your family. When things are a little difficult, you may feel lonely. In some areas they can. They have helped me.” For example, if I feel bad or take a shower. “

It’s hard to say whether Ricciardo missed his family throughout the difficult start of the season. According to the Australian driver, this made the overall situation much more difficult. “The following applies to everything: if you want to perform better, it has to be right in your head,” continues the driver from Perth. “Business is important [buiten de sport] went well. For example, when it comes to relationships. Everything has an impact on your training, energy and mood. I have a habit of not having family and friends around me. But now I can completely escape from Formula 1 or think of something else. This made the first half of the year even more difficult. It was hard for me to get more energy and become more positive. I finally found a way, but I had to work very hard for it. That [hele proces] It was taxing itself. “

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