Ricciardo sees savings role as a serious option: ‘You don’t want to race for the race’ Formula 1

"من الواقعي أن أؤدي دورًا احتياطيًا في مكان ما ، على الرغم من أنني أعلم أنه ليس لدي ضمانات على مقعد بعد عام. هذا بالتأكيد ليس هو الحال مع الفرق الكبرى."

علق ريكاردو آماله بشكل أساسي في نهاية عام 2023. "بعد ذلك ستنتهي العديد من العقود. لذا أريد أن أبقي خياراتي مفتوحة. أريد أن أستمر في السباق ، لكنني أتطلع أكثر إلى العامين المقبلين ، وليس العام التالي فقط . "الموسم".

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Stepping into another racing class is not a problem at the moment

Another option is a rear seat on the grille, such as a Haas or Williams. Although the driver from Perth understands that bad results from a bad car can do more damage to his reputation.

“I have to make that trade-off. I know what it feels like to be in front, and in the end that’s where I want to be. I don’t want to race for the race. I really have to have faith that I can get back to the ‘stage’ race.”

Ricciardo is also associated with other racing classes, particularly in the United States. IndyCar is the next step in the careers of many Formula 1 drivers, although Riccardo is more of a Nascar fan. But he doesn’t see himself stepping into America right now.

“I like the other racing seasons, but I’m not going there at the moment. I think the door to Formula 1 will close when you start there. Then it’s like I’m out of Formula 1 and I’m not. My focus here is in this sport.”


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