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It is undeniable that the team is gaining more and more prestige, Richardson says. “When I started, the goal was to play more matches against strong teams. This is busy. We now have the opportunity to play against strong teams and we have also shown good matches,” he said after the defeat to the Portuguese (28-35).


“It was disappointing that we lost, because we had won the previous two matches with Portugal, who are already one of the best European teams. At the European Championship at the beginning of this year, we beat them last Thursday in the first leg of play-off as well (33-30). It was To win there with three goals is a huge achievement. Now we are at the stage where we have to know how to always play well against the big countries.”

The Dutch comfort each other after they missed the World Cup.

The Dutch comfort each other after they missed the World Cup.

The national coach was not sure why things were not going well with 2,500 die-hard home fans at the indoor sports center in Eindhoven on Sunday. “We lost a lot of opportunities. We often threw balls from close range against the goalkeeper. We came back pretty well in the second half to 19-19 and 24-25, but then the balloon suddenly deflated. There was absolutely no energy left in the team. “It’s a shame that we are closer than ever to the World Cup,” Richardson said.

termination contract

The 49-year-old Icelandic is in his fifth year of service with the NHV Handball Association. His contract expires in June, and talks will take place next week about whether to extend the contract or not. “I don’t know if we will succeed, but I know that I love the team. We have made great achievements in recent years and the players can be proud of that, as well as the federation and the club coaches. I continued with what was already built here. Dutch handball has international importance. The women were already At the top, but the guys are now making strides. I’m optimistic about the future.”

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Conversations with the union relate not only to the future of the team, but also to Richardson’s performance. “I am also critical of myself and want to know what mistake I might have made. But the main question is what needs to be done to improve the team. What is the next step? I am now comparing the team to the high jump who has been trying to raise his height by one centimeter for a while. In Right now I don’t have a clear answer how we are going to do that.”

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