Rick van den Hork ends a great career: “Now I want to teach my son to love baseball” | other sports

Rick van den Hork, one of the best Dutch baseball players of all time, has ended his career. The 36-year-old bowler played for many years in MLB, Major League Baseball. The former international played with the Florida Marlins, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Today I officially announce my retirement. For the past 20 years, baseball has taken me on a trip around the world. She has proudly represented the Netherlands at the World Classics Baseball Games in Puerto Rico, South Korea, Japan and the United States,” Van den Hork wrote on Instagram.

“Although my career is coming to an end, my love for the game will continue and I will look for other opportunities to promote the sport internationally. I look forward to spending more time with my family and teaching my son a love of baseball.”

Van den Hork has been active in Asia in recent years.

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