RijnlandRoute started the green compensation – the province of South Holland

landscape integration

Now that many parts of the RijnlandRoute are ready for civil engineering, the landscape integration phase has begun. Landscape integration is about creating a new balance between new infrastructure and the environment. This means, among other things, that wherever there is space and potential, the county cultivates new green spaces. A landscape plan, nature mitigation plan and tree compensation plans have been developed for this purpose, in close consultation with the municipalities, the contractor Comol5, Bomenbond Rijnland and several residents’ organisations.

Biodiversity and climate change

The county is committed to full green reparations. This is a complex puzzle, which must take into account the limited space in the project area. In order to achieve full compensation, the county is working extensively with the municipality of Leiden, among other things, to find replanting sites. The search for replanted sites outside the project boundaries is also carried out on the RijnlandRoute, among others, in consultation with the surrounding municipalities. The replanting process itself takes into account biodiversity, the importance of open lawns, climate change, and the ecological value of new plantations. Wherever possible, the situation of flora and fauna will be improved.

Reference to Leiden Bio Science Park

The location where the tree is planted is the so-called “logo island”. The landscape architect chose to plant 35 vertical oak trees here in the shape of the logo of the adjacent Leiden Bio Science Park. In the coming weeks, the green contractor will plant more trees and plants at the Leiden-West exit and will then work along the A44 in the direction of Stevenshof in the new year.

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Green spaces along the Rhineland Route

The RijnlandRoute passes through a number of special landscapes of valuable nature. For this reason, additional attention is paid to landscape planning around new infrastructure and the restoration of natural values: preserving what is possible, restoring places where greenery has disappeared, and where possible to improve the situation of flora and fauna. For more information on landscape design at RijnlandRoute, see Page landscape integration on the RijnlandRoute موقع.

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