Riots again in Paris after three Kurds were killed and the suspect actually attacked migrants with a sword last year | abroad

Riots broke out again in Paris on Saturday afternoon. It was created during the commemoration of the three Kurdish men who were shot dead in the French capital yesterday.

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There were also riots yesterday. Today, four cars were overturned and at least one was set on fire. The riots are on Boulevard du Temple, near the Place de la République in the centre. The police fired tear gas.

The 69-year-old man who was arrested after the shooting is suspected of shooting three people at a Kurdish cultural center. According to sources, he has a racial motive. According to Agence France-Presse, the suspect told an officer during his arrest that he had acted because he was “racist”. This would be the second time in a short time, after he attacked a migrant camp with a sword last year.

became the man detained With a bag containing “two or three magazines filled and a case of at least 25 cartridges,” the source said. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin had said earlier that the perpetrator “clearly wanted to attack foreigners” and President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that the Kurdish community was the target of the horrific attack.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo used similar words and announced on Twitter that the man was a far-right activist. Authorities believe he acted alone. The French prosecutor said the man attacked a migrant camp with a sword last year. He was also under investigation for a racist crime.

Paris Centre

The shooting took place on Enghien Street in central Paris. According to bystanders, shots were fired at a Kurdish center, a restaurant, and a hairdressing salon. The shooter was arrested in a hairdressing salon where, according to eyewitnesses, two people were wounded in the legs.

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On Saturday morning, hundreds of protesters from the Kurdish community descended on Dingin Street, according to reports RTL France. They chant the names of the shooting victims.

New riots in Paris on Saturday morning. ©AP

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