Rishi Sunak succeeds Liz Truss as the new British Prime Minister | Currently

Rishi Sunak becomes the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Sunak, 42, was the only candidate to have the requisite support of at least 100 Conservative MPs. This made him the only valid candidate to succeed the resigned Liz Truss as Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister.

Sunak lost to Truss in early September in the battle to succeed Boris Johnson. Truss resigned last week after her tax plans turned out to be disastrous.

Candidates for prime minister had to have the support of at least one hundred Conservative MPs before 3 pm (Netherlands time). The 1922 leadership election commission asserted that only Sunak could do so.

Member of Parliament Penny Mordaunt has also declared himself a candidate. She failed to collect hundreds of necessary statements of support from her party’s members of Parliament. She said in a statement that she “supported Sunak 100 percent”.

Johnson, who resigned earlier this year, has reportedly considered running for office. Sunday made He admitted that he refused. Johnson would have had enough support among members of his own party, but believed that trying to lead was “not the right thing to do”.

Sunak is expected to be sworn in as prime minister on Friday. He inherits a country with political and economic problems.

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