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Rita D’Hain, 68, of Leffing, has been collecting everything to do with owls for over 40 years. He will show his most beautiful loved ones on a shelf in the living room and the large samples that cannot be added to the collection are given another homage to the house. “Because I got almost everything, every owl has a story.”

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“Don’t ask me exactly why I chose owls” Rita begins her story. “It started when I got a picture of an owl from friends 40 years ago. I thought it was a beautiful statue and put it in my closet. The owl stood there alone and I bought another one myself.” The owl box “When other friends came to visit, the owls were noticed”, Rita continues. “When they went on a trip abroad, they brought me a nap, which is always growing. The advantage is that people never have to think long and hard if they want to help me or give me a gift. “Rita de Hahne’s owl collection has grown that much in those 40 years, so she lost herself. “I try to keep them in the owl shelf as much as possible, but other large spaces are provided. Some time ago I got a big copy from my son Mario. The idea was to keep this owl out in the garden, but I really liked it, given the space inside. I don’t know how many I have, but there are many, and I notice when I have to dust them off, ”Rita laughs. The New Zealand Owl has many unique owls in her collection that you will not find here. “Of course there are owls from our country, but there are also some from Spain, Germany, Crete and Turkey. I also have a copy from New Zealand. By the way, I not only collect idols, but all I have to do with owls. For example, I have an owl with an owl in it. I have purse and coat hooks, a shoe puller with an owl at the end and a beer key with the image of an owl. ”Another unique example is Swarovski’s owl. I buy very few of myself, and before I buy one myself it must already be a unique item, most of which I have received. This means that every owl has a story, ”says Rita. Pine Cones He is also a volunteer at the Braille League, where he discovered how you can create owls with pine cones. Meanwhile, there are some self-made copies in the collection. Rita also knows the meaning of the owl. “The owl symbolizes love, wisdom and beauty, and was also the favorite bird of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, science and fine arts.”

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