Roaring applause in the Today Inside studio for Johan Dirksen’s “The Comeback”: “A truly historic day”

Presenter Wilfried Jenny said of Johan’s return to the programme: “It’s a historic day indeed, because he’s back. He’s back, yeah yeah.” “The mood is good, of course.”

Then the audience burst into applause. “I think he could have been more excited. It’s just a gesture,” Johan joked after the applause.

“I had to come back here, for I saw you stuttering two evenings, I thought: I must save the show,” says Johan, who has been absent for two days, to Wilfred. “I was really sick,” he says.

In his own words, Johan has a “terrible aversion” to clapping. “If only people knew,” he says. “It’s been a long time since I’ve actually had the flu. I’ve been laying unconscious in bed for four days. This morning I got out of bed and thought: I’m fine again.”

Johan wasn’t there last Thursday and Friday indoors today Because he was sick. He was suffering from flu symptoms and was therefore not mentioned on the programme. For an analyst, it’s rare that he wasn’t there. Only in 2019 did he call in sick after falling down the stairs and sustaining a concussion and a broken arm. After a week he came back again.

episode of indoors today missing? You can look back here.

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