Rob de Nijs still thinks about performing in front of the audience every day | stars

“You never know until you try it,” replies the 78-year-old when Decker asks him what he thinks of singing back in the studio or on stage. “I’ve contacted all the people who can help me in any way. From otolaryngologists you name it. They ensure that I stay well despite all the strange viruses around. So yeah, that’s all I can do.”

De Nijs has planned a final (tentative) show in November at Sportpaleis Antwerp. He says he prefers to avoid any criticism of his singing skills. However, he struggles with the decision of whether he should still sing in front of the audience. “It is very difficult, because I am the one who has to decide in the end. I have to be the one who says at some point: it will continue or it will not happen.”

“I actually have a problem with that decision,” the singer continues, who says he thinks about it “every day.” “Anyone who says ‘You can still do that’ and ‘I heard you sing some notes and it was so beautiful,’ then I think: Yes, but the rest now.”

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