Rob Smedley elaborates on Tifosi’s bigotry: “They spit on you in the street.”

Former Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley is in Sky Sports F1 Podcast Address the fanaticism of Italian fans of the brand. In the primetime, the team was revered by the tifosi, with results less “literally spat on the street”, says the Briton.

In the Netherlands we know the Orange Army as a solid block behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton can count on support in the UK. However, the fan groups support the driver, not the team. However, in Italy, Ferrari is considered a sacred place, and so for many drivers it is a dream destination. However, Tifosi is ruthless with poor results and Smedley points out the huge pressure at Scuderia.

Ferrari is the religion in Italy

Trying to offer team boss Frédéric Vasseur some advice about die-hard fans, Smedley explains: “I think [voor] All the top guys out there, especially the ones that get publicized in the media, it’s a huge responsibility. There is no doubt about that. I’ve said this myself in the past, you can describe Ferrari in Italy as a religion. absolute. It’s the national team, so you represent the nation, not just a brand. So it’s heavy, and you don’t need thick leather, you need stretchy leather. “

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Do not listen to feedback

Former team engineer Felipe Massa advises Vasser not to listen too much to all the different opinions. “You put on a pedestal, it’s considered the greatest invention since slicing bread, and after four, six weeks, two months later, people are literally spitting on you in the street. You know, when people tell you how great you are, it’s important that you don’t listen to them. The same is true when they tell you people how bad you are.” However, Smedley still believes very much in Vasseur: “He knows what it’s like. It’s a different power, a different kind of pressure at Ferrari. But he just has to deal with it and it’s part of his job.”

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