Robbert Jan’s burger is now officially the most expensive in the world: ‘Very cool’

It was no secret that Robert Jean was trying to win the title. “I wasn’t feeling well during the pandemic,” he told EditieNL in June. “My restaurant was closed. Then I found this.”


Its citizen is no larger than other citizens. It’s the ingredients that make them so expensive. The dish contains caviar, wagyu beef, lobster, white truffles and expensive whiskey. In addition, the cake – made with champagne paste – has a layer of gold leaf.

The Golden Boy was first judged by a local jury. When they approved the burger, it was sent to the official jury of Guinness World Records. “This was the most exciting. They went to look at and account for everything: from the recipes to the purchase data. Just imagine you made a mistake by mistake.”

world record holder

Fortunately, this was not the case. Robbert Jan has a certificate and can call himself a world record holder. “Very cool to be able to say that. I’m very proud. It was a very cool project and it really helped me through the downturn.”

Burgers can be ordered at its De Daltons restaurant in Voorthuizen. “The question is whether or not someone is going to do it,” says Robert Jean. “But never say never.” If you plan to do this, you must book two weeks in advance.

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