Robbie Hagemans last match: his whole family there and 3 doctors

Robbie (31) Hagemann will have his bye game on Saturday. His father, mother and pregnant wife are there. Just like his three sons, ages six, four and two. They see their father for the first time in the ring as The Rabbit. “Beautiful! I want to point out that you shouldn’t let anyone tell you what to do. Even if it’s the best doctor in the world. Rely on your own strength.”

Nuenen’s kickboxer is terminally ill. Doctors give him a maximum of five years. He’s been training on Saturdays for months. Nothing will stop him from playing this match. Nor a brain tumor. He underwent surgery twice. This week he received another chemotherapy treatment. “I feel very fit. I haven’t been in this shape for the past three years.”

“I have three kids and a fourth on the way. If she wasn’t really responsible, I wouldn’t. There’s a cardiologist, a neurologist, and a general practitioner in the room. If something goes wrong, there’s the help needed.”

“The doctor said the match was no longer possible.”

Hagman became a two-time world champion. He was eliminated in the last match in 2018. “Thanks to this sport, I was eliminated and had to undergo a brain scan. That is why I am still alive. The doctor said that the match is no longer possible. Now after three years boxing is possible again. I believe very much in God She helps me in everything. I always say: do not listen to anyone, whoever it is, but listen to God.

The battle is against Rachid Belaini, nicknamed the “Man of Steel” in kickboxing because you don’t get him to be knocked out so quickly. He previously became European champion. He played more than 150 matches. The kickboxer had retired, but now he’s back in the ring especially for Hagman. 47 is it. “He’s old. I’m sick. It’s a beautiful match.”

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Hagman is looking forward to the farewell match. “I think it would be a very nice pot. It wouldn’t take three rounds. One going down. When I go down myself, people also see that it’s not a sold-out party. I would even like it. In my opinion, it’s already a victory to be there. I’m going to pick up the pace.” I hope he can keep up.”

“Then this will be the first birth that I will not have.”

If his pregnant wife gives birth just then, he will finish the competition first. “So this is the first birth that I’m not present at. Then God wills it. I’m in the game and I hope to enjoy my daughter for a long time. I hope to be at my daughter’s wedding.”

The farewell match takes place on Saturday at Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven. A portion of the proceeds goes to fundraiser to Robbie Hagman for treatment in the United States.

Robbie Hagman with his parents, wife and children (Photo: Rogier van Son).
Robbie Hagman with his parents, wife and children (Photo: Rogier van Son).

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