Robbie Hagmans’ relatives on farewell match: It’s very bilateral

Kickboxer Robbie Hagman has a tumor on his head, but will play his farewell match in Eindhoven on Saturday. It’s a match his mother would rather not be in and his opponent had to think about it for a long time. This finds its environment close to match.

Anita Hagman, mother
I didn’t want to be there, but he insisted I have his kids there. I said I will watch them. This is also a distraction. Where does he get his strength from, no one understood. It’s a miracle he is so persistent with chemotherapy. He lives it very much. It’s his everything. I think the adrenaline gives it. I can understand Robbie wanting to end it this way.

I am very worried. I’m a little nervous before the match. I always thought it was a great sport, but of course I look at it differently now. I hope it will be a great match with both coming out well and it will be good for him.”

Chantal Hagman, female, pregnant, overweight
“I still have two weeks to go. So it could happen at any time. You never know, huh. It’s really selfish. We agreed that if I was allowed to give birth during the farewell party, I’d let him play the farewell party. He loved it.”

This will be an emotional match because it’s the last time. I love him so much for him. We’ll just have fun. He can now finally fulfill his dream.”

Ali Junior, trainer
“I had a lot of problems at the beginning. I spoke to his parents and his wife. The doctor agreed. We started training. He’s come a long way and now he’s ready.

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It is a game with a story. It is Robbie’s last match, in the prime of his life. He had to stop his march at once. We will prove once again that nothing can stop us. we are ready.

I expect a scene. From both sides, because he has a good opponent. This is a legend. He participated in many competitions at home and abroad.

Former European champion Rachid Belaini opponent
“My farewell was in 2015 against Robbie. I was asked if I could put the gloves on again. To fight Robbie.

I had to think about it for a long time. It gives a double feeling. He got the approval of the doctors. I really like Ruby. Family is close and I love it. He’s a good guy. good father. I thought: if I can help this boy, then I will. In three months I lost eleven kilos. It’s going to be tough. I always go for 100 percent. Not for eighty or ninety.”

Theo Hagman, Fr
“For me as a father, it’s twofold. Of course he’s sick. No wonder he has to say goodbye. It’s sad. At the same time, he can say goodbye to all his fans on a beautiful evening. I really love Robbie. Then he can shut her down.”

The farewell match takes place on Saturday at Indoor Sportcentrum Eindhoven. A portion of the proceeds goes to fundraiser to Robbie Hagman for treatment in the United States.

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