Robert Dornboss on time as Ziggo Sport analyst: ‘Things haven’t gotten better’

Robert Dornbos, a former Red Bull driver, is still happy with his family in Ziggo, but he still doesn’t understand Viaplay’s rejection. Rotterdam also refers to the fragmentation experienced by viewers in the Netherlands.

The 40-year-old Dornbos, along with Jacques Ploig, Olaf Molle, Rob Campo and the Coronel brothers, has been the face of Formula 1 in the Netherlands for years. The royal class will be in Viaplay’s hands for the coming years, and the Swedish party basically wants to give its broadcasts its own personality, and so has chosen to take a different path, which hasn’t always gone down well with viewers.


In an exclusive interview with GPFans Analyst tells Ziggo that he has already tested everything in the terminal. “It didn’t get better. For nine years we followed everything like Max [Verstappen] He rose and saw all his journey to the top. There was only one goal and that was to become world champion and we were there,” Doornbos opened about the Verstappen Championship year. The former Minardi driver saw a Dutch player in Ziggo for the first time who managed to win the Formula 1 World Championship, but also the Dutch Grand Prix It was one of his highlights.

Viplay Rejection

“When they told me I wasn’t going to Viaplay, well, that’s their choice. At the time I didn’t understand the choice and I still don’t understand it now,” he explains of the turbulent time after it became known that the sporting rights went to the Swedish party. In addition, Doornbos points out the disadvantage of the viewer. “It’s fragmentary for the viewer. You can now watch Formula 1 almost everywhere. Officially you can watch via Viaplay, but you also have F1TV with English commentary and then 700,000 people also listen to Olav Mol. The preview is watched with us., the review is with us too. No It’s as simple as just turning on Ziggo. Because everyone has to do all kinds of actions, because you no longer have to look at just one end for whatever reason,” says Dornbus.

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