Rocket explodes during SpaceX test in Texas | Currently

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that a SpaceX booster rocket has exploded during a test in the US state of Texas. A video of the explosion was also posted on Twitter. “Not good,” Musk wrote on Twitter. “The team is looking at the damage.”

The vehicle’s first stage, called Super Heavy Booster 7, is a component of 33 rocket engines. In the future, this booster will bring the second stage of the spacecraft to orbit.

The spacecraft’s second stage, which will carry thousands of Starlink satellites into space, had not gone into a booster when it exploded.

Starship is the largest rocket ever built. Musk had hoped the spacecraft would make its first test flight into space in July, but this became uncertain due to the explosion of the booster.

The video clip shows a large fireball after the explosion. An hour later smoke was still rising from the booster. According to the site Gizmodo It is not yet known if anyone was injured in the blast.

The explosion occurred at the same time that NASA and US President Joe Biden displayed the first color image taken by the James Webb Telescope.

SpaceX currently transports cargo and astronauts to and from the International Space Station, but the company’s goal is to facilitate the colonization of Mars.

The spacecraft must become the one that “steps” on the Red Planet. The rocket should also enable commercial flights to the Moon.

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