Rolling Stones paused with brown sugar kick after ‘racist’ text criticized their viewers

Rock band The Rolling Stones plans to achieve the much-listened-to success Brown sugar You won’t be able to play in the near future. The song talks about slavery and is said to be racist. Especially after the band played the song during a live show in 2019, a wave of criticism emerged. Many people demanded that the band stop performing the song.

“We’re trying to figure out where the riots are coming from,” said band member Keith Richards. Los Angeles Times. Because according to Richards, the song is about the gravity of the period. The British guitarist was tired of discussing the topic, so apparently decided not to play the song for the time being. Richard agreed, having noticed the newspaper.

Frontman Mick Jagger is less outspoken and says the band sometimes takes songs off the set list. The band is currently busy touring the US, but the song from 1971 probably won’t be heard. Both Richards and Jagger hope that will change in the future.

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