Ronald de Boer: 95 million is an exorbitant amount for a player, not everything has appeared yet


The world of football is organized in reverse solidarity, according to football journalist Moso. Richer clubs and bigger leagues get richer at the expense of smaller clubs and smaller leagues. As a result, there is less and less tension at the European level. “You can write a lot in advance, also at the Dutch level.”

According to Musso, there is a lot of debate at the European level, but this leads to nothing. “The smaller associations want more solidarity, and more money going back to the smaller clubs. But the rich and big clubs have so much power that they are doing everything they can to maintain this system.”

Frank de Boer found the idea of ​​regulating the world of football in such a way that more money would flow to smaller clubs as a “romantic picture”. “But it won’t work,” says de Boer. According to De Boer, limiting transfer fees is not a solution either. “Then he goes to the player. After that he will earn a ridiculous amount per month and then he won’t come back to the club at all.”

In short, it is not easy to find a solution to this. “If the popularity of football continues to rise, sponsors continue to make a lot of money, and TV rights prices remain high, it will remain so,” says de Boer.

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