Room for rap on Allen’s posthumous album

After his death last year, he became a percussionist Tony Allen He is logically praised as the inventor of Afrobeat, but in the more than sixty years that he played drums, he has left no genre of music unturned. This appears again on the completed album after his death There is no end That appears in Blue Note Records. In the studio, Allen plunged into classic hip-hop and built his own grooves with producer Vincent Tiger. It is an album full of alternative hip-hop music with a number of well-known names such as Australian Zambian Samba the Great, British-Nigerian skepta and Nigerian writer Ben Okri. But also a great introduction to the Kenyan nah Ito.

Allen had already asked for many of them, but it was only after his death that they were able to contribute. Allen’s rhythms were waiting for them, also among the thousands recognizable in the form of hip-hop, filled with unexpected accents and above all full of space and time.

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