Root understands the French irritating AUKUS act

Outgoing Prime Minister Rutte fully understands the French outrage over the failure of the submarine agreement with Australia, but emphasizes the importance of a ‘practical and practical approach’ in this matter. Rutte told BNR’s foreign commentator Bernard Hummelberg, who is attending the UN meeting in New York.

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Understanding the French situation

I understand the French situation very well. I can understand why they are so angry about it, “he said. We understand the French irritability and anger well: it goes far beyond a deal lost. This is related to the performance of the European Union and NATO in the Indo-Pacific region, which goes beyond a submarine agreement. It’s really very detailed, it’s about each other’s habits. ‘

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‘Many issues between US and UK’

The outgoing prime minister did not want to say that the failed deal could be reduced to an American choice for Boris Johnson, but not for the EU: “I do not know if it’s too black and white, because there are still a lot of issues between the US and the UK. I think there is always a strong bond between the United States and the United Kingdom, but there is a very strong bond between the United States and Europe and the European Union. ‘

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According to the outgoing Prime Minister, this certainly applies to the Netherlands, which he calls the ‘most Atlantic country in Europe’ after the United Kingdom. “The UK may be at the forefront of that issue after it leaves the EU.”

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