Roscosmos refuses to launch 36 OneWeb satellites from Pycnon

OneWeb Release February 10, 2022 Credits; Ariane-Space, ESA

The Ukraine-Russia crisis is also affecting satellite galaxies under construction for the global broadband Internet. It Multinational company OneWeb To create such a satellite galaxy The next batch of satellites Friday, March 4, from Pyongyang, Kazakhstan, Russian Soyuz rocket and Russian-operated platform. British Government, dHe is a co-owner of OneWeb, Was already in the stomach With startup and already stressed English Commons Business Group to cancel it. But as is now known, Roscosmos denies The 36 OneWeb satellites will be launched if the company does not comply with Roscosmos’ requirements. Roscosmos is demanding that the UK sell its stake in OneWeb and that the company guarantee that the satellites will not be used for military purposes. Last launched, see photo above 34 OneWeb satellites launched on February 10th.

The British Government and Bharti Global in India are both key partners OneWebW OneWeb is headquartered in London There is factory Florida – OneWeb Satellites – This is a joint venture Airbus Defense and Space OneWeb requires a total of 648 Satellites a Low Earth Orbit 428 have already been launched into the sky. OneWeb has a diverse share of partners around the world, and investors include Japan’s SoftBank, Eutelsat and South Korea’s Hanwha. British Government Requested cancellation of publication at the urging of the Public Business Council. CBC chief Darren Jones said it was inappropriate after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The BBC reportedவரி British taxpayers helped buy OneWeb out of bankruptcy in 2020 with 400m share. It also places on Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on OneWeb’s Board of Directors. There are only seven releases left to complete the OneWeb network, one of which is from French Guiana. All missions are recorded on Russian Soyuz missiles. With the existing network, the company will be able to provide broadband Internet connections to locations above 50 degrees Latitude, but will require additional satellites for global coverage. Since Ariane rockets are already fully booked, there is little option for launchers. A spokesman for the British government told the BBC: “It would be good to ask questions about future cooperation in space with Russia in the aftermath of the illegal occupation of Ukraine. We are closely monitoring the situation and are constantly cooperating with our partners to look into the next steps.

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The corporate internet space competition is taking a political turn. The United States and several other countries have already imposed sanctions on Russia, and the United States has announced plans to launch a space program.Degeneration ‘. If the answer is no So Roscosmos is about to launch 36 satellites if the demands are not met. In particular, Roscosmos leader Dmitry Rokosin stressed that the final warning was in response to the UK’s imposition of sanctions on Russia over its occupation of Ukraine. Roscosmos said if the demands were not met, the Soyuz rocket would be removed from the launch pad at Cosmotrom; EThe UK government sells its stake in the company OneWeb should guarantee that the satellites will not be used for military purposes. OneWeb and Arianespace, the European missile builders that operate the Soyuz missiles provided by Roscosmos, did not respond. CNBC’s requests for comment.

Some Starling satellites. Credit: SpaceX.

Spacex is developing Starling, a mega satellite suite for the World Wide Web OneWeb, their goal To do To provide internet services ‘Everyone, anywhere’, especially in remote areas Where there is no high quality internet (yet) and 5G technology is geeky due to the distance. It Star link Test plan released Below Tens of thousands of users All over the world. The sun 145,000 Starling The terminals are already spread across the United States, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. The company recently launched the service in Ukraine, Musk said on TwitterAfter being killed by the Ukrainians Government official Asked if SpaceX could provide more Starling services to the country due to malfunctions caused by Russian military operations. SpaceX sent Starlink terminals to Ukraine to help restore communications with some vulnerable areas. Arrived in Ukraine on Monday 28 February Already a load kit

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In contrast, unlike OneWeb, which has a diverse pool of shareholders and investors around the world, SpaceX is a privately owned, highly vertical American company. The company develops and launches its own Starling Internet satellites. By the end of 2022, SpaceX is confident with Starlink Global service Service and thus has about half a million users. The first batch of 60 satellites was launched in 2019, with about 2,000 satellites now in low Earth orbit. And a total of 42,000 satellites from the FAA have green light. Was the most recent release February 25 Another Starling release is scheduled for tomorrow, March 3, from the Gaming Commission in Florida. According to Here All updates from SpaceX. Sources: CNBC, SpaceX, Roscosmos, BBCSpace News

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