Rotterdam receives an award from the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency

By Henk J. Licher

Rotterdam is in poor condition with the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency, which is guarding the national monuments. For example, it appears from a very sharp advice that this service sent to the city council on December 13th. In that advice about the proposed construction for Parkhaven, Rotterdam gets a big turn around the ears.

The National Service makes it clear that it is not at all satisfied with the so-called policy Unsolicited suggestion: Construction companies and private management may locate locations in Rotterdam where they want to construct new buildings.

The first location is also the most controversial: Parkhaven. The location, construction / management mix (Heijmans, Era, Van Eesteren, Vesteda, Woongoed) is eagerly attracted to this region, uninterested in the vulnerability of this region from a cultural point of view. He directs the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency to reprimand against Rotterdam: “The municipality must conduct an inventory of endangered sites to exclude them from Unsolicited proposals To avoid a frustrating and costly process for all parties. ”

The advice continues: “RCE is now facing a plan from a developer like Unsolicited suggestion. This prevents the usual process of first conceiving cultural and historical values ​​and attributes and then searching for room for development while respecting these values.

Unusually harsh language in a recommendation from the National Service, signed on behalf of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. The cat has chased in the curtains. why?

The stumbling block is Parkhaven. A reckless plan from a group of builders and private managers who chose this bar as Unsolicited suggestion. After all this the municipality allowed it, and why not?

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However, this group of buildings, after the name “PartnersParkhaven”, has sadly fallen into one of the most vulnerable spots imaginable: Parkhaven. The narrow green strip between Parkhaven and Maastunneltracee, and is the direct entrance to Maas Bank.

Construction partners have proposed building a number of taller towers, with a peak on the Droglever-Fortwyn circuit (70 m) and others 45 m and higher. The objections were immediate. A narrow strip of beautiful greenery, it also contains a locally (and internationally) famous national monument, which will be hidden behind the tall complexes.

The park is losing quality

Moreover, the beautiful park above Maastunneltracee, which is also a National Monument and thus belongs to all of us, will lose a great deal of quality, both visually and in terms of sunlight, due to these tall buildings. Who really wants this? Not locals and visitors who mark this with 6000 signatures. Neither the two management committees of the neighboring inner city and the Delfland neighborhoods offer negative advice, nor do the Groen Parkhaven Foundation, which has repeatedly called on the city council to abandon this massive plan in this at-risk area.

But both the municipality and the building union did not calculate the value. The Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency is aware of the plan and is taking action. And not just against this outrageous proposal. In a damning report, the Minister of Health, Education and Culture informs the director that it is understood Rotterdam needs many homes, but Parkhaven is definitely not where this should happen. Despite the urgent need for housing: “I advise you to abandon this scheme.”

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Considerations are outlined in detail: the great importance of free space around Euromast, good visibility of the Maastunnel complex with its buildings, unobstructed view and sunlight obstruction in Het Park. It is clear: here the construction association very eagerly took advantage of the space it owned Unwanted suggestion-Politics appears to be progressing. “An excellent site,” as the council member called it. En passant also said in City Council, when flames approached him while questioning a Verkoelen advisor, “This is not his plan.” As a local councilor, you have to dare to take responsibility for spatial politics.

Rotterdam, protect your sensitive areas

What does this blunt advice from RCE say about Rotterdam policy? This: Rotterdam protects your sensitive areas and does not release them to buildings. First of all, respect Parkhaven. RCE’s advice is crystal clear: “Think of development that could be used to strengthen Parkhaven’s valuable environment, for example by improving the green and recreational function of city dwellers.” A pleasant area at the intersection of Maas and Parkhaven for all Rotterdam residents and visitors, along with the majestic Rotterdam and the international symbol of Euromast. De Bouwcombinatie now wants to put in place a new plan in a hurry.

But Alderman and Construction Combination admit your mistake, this area is not suitable for this.

Henk J. Lescher is an urban planner and cultural scientist, plus Rotterdam

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