Round table with the British Ambassador

Rishi Sunak succeeded Liz Truss as Conservative Leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 25 October. Truss was forced to resign after only six weeks as prime minister because her bold fiscal plans so alarmed the markets that even the Bank of England had to step in to prop up the plummeting pound.

Benoit MontaigneCompetence Center Europe and the World

December 20, 2022

Our economy is also not immune from what is happening in the UK. What do the plans of the new British Prime Minister mean for our companies and what can Belgian investors in the UK expect? But also: How does the new British government see the relationship with the EU evolving and how does it intend to resolve the protocol dispute over Ireland and Northern Ireland?

To answer this question, the Federation organized a round table discussion with Martin Sherman, UK Ambassador to Belgium. This meeting was also a good opportunity for the member sector associations to address the problems faced by Belgian companies in the context of the new post-Brexit trade relationship and to put forward ideas for possible closer cooperation between Belgium, the EU and the UK in the future.

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