Route code fix: more room for “active route…

the Highway symbol It has existed for decades, but it has evolved little in that time. However, the way we move has changed. Based on this finding, the federation Minister of MobilityHis father, George Gilkennett (Eccolo), has indicated that he is working on reforming the Highway Code. In the future, you should take into account moreactive road users‘, For example cyclists.

With this proposal, Georg Gilkennet is already responding to the controversy that arose in Flanders last week in response to police officers (from the Haagland police district in Flemish Brabant) who 65 cycling tourists that 58 euro fine They gave because they did bike path unused. Every cyclist was fined. Naturally, this case caused a stir.

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Currently, the Highway Code specifies only that A group of less than fifteen cyclists on a cycle track He must drive. This is why Gilkinet is now reporting that it is working on this topic. “The goal is the same Better balance between road users And to provide more space for active road users,” his spokesperson said. The legislative text is expected to receive a first reading by the Council of Ministers next May, after which it will be discussed by the State Council.


Course paths problem

Highway law reform also pays attention to the Define course paths. Cyclists give Poor condition of the bike paths Often as a reason for driving on the normal road. There is talk of allowing cyclists to ride on the road if there is one Wells To be in a bike path, or if there is one dead leaves or dirty He is.

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Of course, the Minister noted that it is still necessary to invest in quality cycling infrastructure. We agree, but wait and see…

This fix might be a good thing. But is it really a fix? The history of the Belgian Highway Code dates from 1968 (Actually it is not a highway symbol, but a Royal Decree of March 16, 1968).

It’s definitely a good idea to have a full set To investigate other pointsSuch as the use of electric vehicles (use of charging points, parking spaces, etc.).

When will there be a real and deep reform instead of additions here and there?

What will your next car be?

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