Rox Hazes has been in love for five years: ‘We are forever’

Five years is a huge achievement in the entertainment world, and Rolf Sanchez, Bram Crick, Krantjee Babi, Danny de Monk, Victor Brand, Samantha Stenwick and Glenys Grace, among others, left a surprise under the letter. ‘happy birth day! “Enjoy it all, dear,” wrote Patti Braard.

Moreover clock man, Her fianc√©, Eric, is making her voice heard under the post. He writes: “What a great overview of wonderful moments. I love you baby tonight I’ll take you. If it were up to Eric, they’d stick with it for another 600 years. I loved us,” Romantic Day reflects on its recap today.

The lovebirds have been busy planning their wedding for some time, but Fender’s birth, among other things, seems to keep those plans on hold. in a Van der Forest sees the stars Daughter has already revealed that she prefers to get married in Las Vegas. She doesn’t need a big wedding. “I’d rather just do it with our close loved ones,” said Rox. Plus, you’d prefer to wait a little longer for Fender to get a little bigger, so he can fetch the rings, for example.

Lovely Roxeanne also shares a series of snaps taken at the Holland Zingt Hazes concerts on Sunday. The big absentee this year is her younger brother Andre, who missed performances at the Ziggo Dome because he suffers from burnout. The singer found it important for her brother to take the time to recover.

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