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Roxeanne Hazes has enjoyed her role as a presenter on Videoland Glow up, She’d like to give more. The singer told in a conversation with that she’s already turned down a lot of jobs, but the makeup software suits her so well that she can be exactly the same.

The 28-year-old said, “I was really nervous beforehand: I always find new things very exciting and feel a great responsibility to do it well. But it turns out it wasn’t necessary, I just felt a lot at home.”

The premiere job was a good fit for the singer, because she herself has a penchant for makeup. at Glow up Ten makeup artists are competing to win: the winner can call himself The Next Dutch Make-Up Star and also win € 15,000 and a talent contract with the well-known agency House of Orange. Pernell Kusmus and Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials) are the jury members of the program.

Hazes had to test for the program. Once she heard that she could perform the demo function, she spent a lot of time preparing. “I spent days watching all the presenters: How do they do it? What can I benefit from?” Glow up They chose me for my originality. I don’t want to compare myself to other presenters at all. “

In addition to the provider, also support and assistance

Hazes is not just an introduction: it is also supportive and focused on program participants. They tell her not only about their experiences in competition, but also what they’ve been through in their lives.

Sometimes I was having a very nice conversation with someone behind the scenes. Then I asked him, “Would you like to tell us this on the camera? “I think it’s very important for people to set their own limits on this. I’m not deciding for you whether you want to show this side of yourself to the whole of the Netherlands. I found it hard when I wasn’t feeling well: the toughness of some journalists and how far they could go in.” Their story. I learned from that, I want to treat the stories they tell me with respect. “

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This means that she now knows exactly what she wants in a new presentation function. “I find the human interest aspect very interesting, but the competitive element keeps it interesting. I’d like to be able to combine that a lot.”

Glow Up can be seen from March 15th at Videoland.

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