Royal Opera House ends sponsorship by polluting industries

In the UK, the Royal Opera House has now severed ties with British Petroleum (BP). The decision comes after a number of environmental groups objected to the company’s financing of various technical institutions. This makes the Royal Opera House, after the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Shakespeare Company, the next British cultural institution to turn its back on the company.

Why is this important?

UK cultural institutions have long been under pressure to end their business collaborations with representatives of polluting industries. After all, critics believe that these companies want to use cooperation to improve their reputation.

Disputed collaboration: After thirty-three years of business cooperation between British Petroleum and the Royal Opera House.

  • The oil company was with her Royal Opera House Sponsor of the BP Big Screens project, which has brought opera and ballet to audiences in Trafalgar Square in London and elsewhere across the UK.
  • The environmental group Culture Unstained, which has been campaigning to end the sponso for some time

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