RTL Nieuws confronts Fons Lambie and fiancée Emma welcomes her son, please note 7:30 | to watch

PhotoVince Lambi (33 years old), better known as the political correspondent for RTL NewsHe became a father this week. It happened last Monday before 7:30 p.m., which is exactly the time he’s usually on TV at RTL 4. “The best news always comes at 7.30,” he joked on Instagram.

“Not in politics The Hague for two weeks,” he wrote with a picture of his son putting his hand around his father’s finger. Reason: Felix Lambi! Incredibly proud of Mother Emma and many thanks for the good care at the hospital.

Lambi, who originally hails from the village of Eckelrad in Limburg, now lives in Voorburg with his fiancée Emma, ​​who comes from that area. They are important for him not only as a lover, but also as a kind of speech therapist. When Fons as an apprentice in RTL News And getting the prospect of a permanent job, he had to get rid of his Limburg accent.

I recorded my first story and let the editors hear it. They were happy with it, except for my soft machine. You have dominated Limburger. I know some Limburgers think it’s stupid for people to think that way, but I also think your voice shouldn’t be a distraction. So I went into speech therapy for a few years. It really helped, but the best part was being with your Dutch girlfriend every day.”

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Now I know it’s fine to take some distance from time to time and come home to someone who puts his feet on the ground

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Vons applied to Emma in 2019 and she said “Yes.” On long work days, he regularly feels guilty about it. “Even though she doesn’t know me any differently, I was already doing this work when we met. I try to be more at home than before. In the early years I was at the Nieuwspoort press center five days a week, late at night. I now know that It’s good to take some distance sometimes and come home to someone who puts you on the floor and lives a normal life with them.”

For now, this is in the Netherlands. “In 2014 I considered applying for the position of Middle East Correspondent. I went to Israel for two weeks with Emma to discover that place. It’s a beautiful country, but don’t live in it, and as a reporter you put extra pressure on your partner. Now, I often work sixty hours a week, although that can’t be compared to physically hard work. But to also be in a foreign country where you travel a lot, I don’t like it with Emma. This is partly the reason why I prefer to stay in The Hague.”

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