RTV Stichtse Vecht – Part of the authority area as a result of damage from a car fire

Part of the Duivenkamp area of ​​Maarssenbroek will be unplugged on January 13, 2022 between 8:00 and 16:00. This is due to the needed maintenance work at Stedin station in the area. This was damaged earlier in the year by a car fire. Stedin has already begun preparatory work for this project.

The part of the area relates to house numbers from 177 to 541. According to Steden, it is necessary to use electricity for the mentioned households: “There was a car fire in this area on New Year’s Eve. The Steden space station also caught fire. During planned maintenance, cables are being removed from the room and temporarily installed in another room.This is necessary to restore the space so that it can be returned to service at a later time.Repair work must be done, the risk of non-repair is too great.In the event of a subsequent outage in this area, a much larger proportion of customers will be without electricity for a longer period.

After the January 13 blackout, there could be many more shutdowns, according to Steden: “These house numbers will eventually be eligible for planned blackouts again, and this will happen as soon as possible to return to the original list/position of the network .

The consequences for the population concerned are serious. Working from home becomes difficult, central heating does not work and not all electrical appliances can be used, in the middle of winter. However, according to Steden, the need for repair work is urgent: “It’s about a defect that must be resolved to prevent it from getting worse.” The time period set for closing has been taken extensively. Stedin expects the shutdown period to be shorter is the case: “The message received by residents indicates a power outage from 8am to 4pm. This applies to the entire job. Practically, residents will be without electricity for an average of two hours rather than a full eight hours.

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