RTV Stichtse Vecht – PvdA draws attention to “Love with luxury”

In the social field committee next Tuesday, November 29, PvdA will discuss its proposal with other parties: “Love in social assistance”. According to the party, the “cost-sharing standard” stands in the way of love for couples living together on luxury. The party advocates for a “room for dating” for at least 6 months.

cost sharing standard

The cost-sharing standard means that people receiving benefits will be reduced by the amount if adults live together in a household. The more people live together, the lower the per capita benefits. According to PvdA, this arrangement is a reason not to live together, especially for those who are entitled to social assistance who live in love. PvdA in the movement’s explanatory notes: “People on welfare will not start living together because they fear their income will be cut.” In the municipality of Tilburg, there has been a trial here before: “The results of the trial in the municipality of Tilburg are so convincing that coexistence without cuts in social assistance will become part of the normal policy,” according to the PvdA at Stichtse Vecht.

In love to help

Based on the idea that each person is allowed to love the other and that love is important and healthy for all, the PvdA wants to try to convince the parties to set up such a test in the Stichtse Vecht. PvdA wants the council to investigate the possibility of people on social assistance also being given in a “acquaintance room” in the Stichtse Vecht for a period of time to cohabitate, without cutting back on social assistance or losing assistance altogether and during which time the cost-sharing criterion cannot apply.

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