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Young researchers will travel to America, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Canada and several European countries. For example, they are researching building smaller quantum computers, the history of collaboration at sea, and medicine to treat Parkinson’s disease.

The coronavirus can still only throw a wrench in the works. They won’t leave until it’s safe, the NWO reports. The coronavirus appears to be under control in more and more countries, but new variants may emerge.

With the Rubicon Program, NWO wants to retain the most promising researchers in science. Thanks to the scholarship, they can spread their wings abroad after their PhD.

There are usually three Rubicon rounds a year for about sixty scientists, for which there are a total of seven million euros, but last year everything was different. These 31 scholars are from the second and third rounds in 2020. For this, 94 scholars applied for the scholarship, so one in three applicants got the scholarship.

Two scientists from Erasmus University have been awarded the Rubicon scholarship. Jing Hyah (Erasmus School of Law) has 15 months to go to the University of Bristol for her research on the impact of digital platforms on labor relations and exploitation in domestic work. And Tina van der Vlies (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication) can go to Cambridge with a scholarship to investigate why ideas about the goals of history education in the Dutch and English media have changed.

Rubicon scholarships have been around since 2005 and are very popular. Young Dutch scientists are building a network that will be useful to them for the rest of their scientific career.

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The scholarships are a starting point for the coveted Veni, Vidi and Vici scholarships. They are named after a statement by the Roman general Julius Caesar. The Rubicon also has something to do with it: it is the river he crossed with his armies to seize power.

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