Rugby player Rosendal Dirk Danen ends his career: “It’s time to get to know your other Dirk” | regional sport

Rosendaler Dirk Danen (32) said goodbye to rugby in February. Captain Orange looks back and forward with great pride.

His face and body are strewn with scars. He doesn’t have a cauliflower ear like Father Joss, who is also a former rugby player. I survived it. ”Because Dirk Dannen can’t complain anyway. You did really well, when you see how many hits my body got in each match. This has been measured in recent years. Every match I had 20 to 25 so called high impact moments, at least 3g. So three times your weight. Sometimes it was up to 5 grams. Collision with opponents. It looked great when we got on the plane after the first leg. Men covered in bandages have lameness. In the long run I could not drive for half an hour: then everything would be packed. ”

He played his last international match last month. Captain Orange waves. At the highest level possible for the Netherlands: the European Rugby Championship. Against giant rugby Georgia. Home game with an audience. My family and friends can be there.”

Inconvenient, but also proud

An unforgettable day soon. Bye before the game. I was the first to go into the field, which I felt a little uncomfortable. But it also made me proud after that, the focus shifted to the game.”

Holland, as calculated, took a big hit: 10 – 72. But as it should have been, Danen tried. ,, While I rarely do it from my position in the third line. I didn’t know what happened. I got the ball and I went I ran, I run, I run. Before you knew it, the boys around me were going crazy.”

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I consciously stay away from sports completely. I want to find out who I am also outside of rugby

Dirk Danin

Excitement came next. When he saw his father, mother and sisters standing with tears in their eyes. They were there when Dirk’s rugby virus took hold, looking down the line at his father’s first rugby match for the Rosendal Commando Combinate. They had to miss him when he played rugby in Scotland and Germany and saw him thrive in the Dutch national team. Danin had no doubts about his farewell. “it was good.”

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Rugby player Dirk Danen retires. © Pix4Profs / Peter Van Trien

Of all his 48 matches, the ascension against Belgium to the highest achievable level for the Netherlands was a highlight of last summer, although Danen himself was unable to participate due to injury. “Over the years I have come to appreciate rugby over camaraderie. I have built such a wonderful network. It gives a huge motivation to work together on certain goals.”

The most difficult interventions

Dirk who debuted with Orange eleven years ago was a different person. Then I wanted to be the hardest. Doing the toughest interventions, and demonstrating the following: Even if I break my hand or have my head open, I will continue to do so. I’m starting to dose my energy better.”

And now. Now it is ready. “And that feels really good. I’m consciously stepping away from the sport. I want to find out who I’m not a rugby player. I do that through my work at De Harde Leerschool, where we help young people get back into society with sports and mental guidance, among other things” .

This endeavor is also exciting. , I’m very curious if I’m going to miss the black and white moment of the match, for example. The moment you think: Now you are against me, and then you fly to each other. ”

Danin knows that a strong, muscular body will change. , but this is also possible. This is also part of getting out of your comfort zone. I’m proud of how amazing my career has been. Now is the time to get to know the other monastery.”

Dirk Danen during the farewell match in Amsterdam against Georgia
Dirk Danen during the farewell match in Amsterdam against Georgia © Photos by Dennis Van de Sande

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