Rugby player Van Bergl makes debut for Orange: ‘National coach was proud I did it’ | regional game

Rugby player Sam van Berkel (20) from Roosendaal made his debut for the Dutch team last Saturday. In a practice match against Zimbabwe, losing 7–30, he injured his sternum just before half-time. Fortunately, the injury is not too serious and the Netherlands U20 captain could be ready for the clashes with the Czech Republic, Belgium and USA later this month.

Did you expect it to debut now?

,,No. Even though I am the captain of the U20 team, the boys from that team do not get a chance to make their debut. Playing in Orange was a great experience, but I wasn’t really nervous before the game. I too have heard the National Anthem before and sang along.

How do you look back on your debut?

,, I didn’t play well. And I stood in a different position than I was used to. My condition is normal LateralBut I played against Zimbabwe Hooker† For example, you should in order Throw in the ball. I haven’t practiced that much yet. So that would be great. And I got injured at the end of the first half. The national coach was proud that I did it in a new position without much practice. It was great to have family, friends and many acquaintances like DIOK and youth there.

What happened at the end of the first half?

,,In the last minute before the break, an opponent fell on my sternum. This is unfortunate. I couldn’t breathe. And then I had to leave. Fortunately, things got better for me very quickly. It didn’t bother me the next day. But it’s sad that I couldn’t continue,” he said.

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Will you be back later this month when you have to play O20 rugby?

,, Yes, I can play again. I am the captain of the team but don’t know what to expect from the opponents. It will be a great experience because I have never played against these countries.”

So there is no holiday in it?

,,No, after that I will start building towards the new season. I think it’s okay. I want to play more matches in Orange. Then I have to start working in my new position. There are opportunities. My main growth point is blowing inside. I need to practice more on that. I still don’t know if I will get another position at my club. Although it doesn’t matter to me what position I play.”

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