Rugbyers de Guy took the lead in the over class.

Norpacio Mambo passes the defense of The Dukes.

Norpacio Mambo passes the defense of The Dukes.Cow Photo Studio Costermans / Daniel von Gordon

Fiat von den Diezcell


The rugby players have not beaten Cui again, but the Nordes’ wins have been getting smaller and smaller. Against Poche The Duke, the bonus – given four attempts or more – was achieved.

From the first whistle, the home team was halfway to the Brabant team. Although they reinforced themselves with numerous half-assed supporters from New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and Mozambique, the physically motivated guests were unable to get out of their defensive position against the ‘qui’ who played at high speed.

However, Roy von Lion took twenty minutes to start the score: 5-0. The guests had to do less than two ten minutes for a man, from which Cowie had no advantage: De Campbell was able to score just before half-time, after which the spectators did something with a penalty kick from the center line: 10-3.

The second half was the same. A penalty try led the domestic team to 17-3. After a while there was a fear: Van Leyne was lying on the grass after an elbow in the neck, before which he had been injured from not running for several periods. He also left the field, but watched the game from the side of the field, which provided little relief. In the end, Spinard Juan Arambaru pressed for a fourth attempt to give Cui a bonus point. Jன்rgen Jனாrna observed a modified 24-3 final score.

After three games, the Northers are proudly in the lead, surprisingly not trying yet. The performance of Dennis Klaasenwaser was astonishing, as he switched from the Utrecht students of the USSR this summer. Second Rider is a great time in Fort City. ,, This is still an ancient rugby club where standards and values ​​are very important. I also like the fact that there is no difference between the teams under selection. As for the outcome of today’s game, we can not be completely satisfied. Success was very low because we made so many wrong decisions.

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Don Larigen came from the city of Dome. After spending his youth in Hilversum, he continued to play for URC, Amstelvens RC and again for URC. When he wanted to leave rugby, Gareth Gilbert asked the 130kg giant. Gareth is an excellent coach, he is an excellent employee and leads the team on a professional basis.

V. Tafwa, who is not yet in the field. Sensitivity has shifted to Norton from Samoan Hilvers, but his old club refuses to release him – despite agreements on this – for now. Hilversum had their first win of the season on Saturday, against weak Utrecht RC: 22-43. As a result, Marshall Milroy’s team advanced to eighth place.

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