Rush Hour can be seen on Veronica on Tuesday

Jackie Chan was already a big name in the action movie world in 1998, but with Rush hour He only made his first foray into Hollywood. It immediately became a huge hit and there was some sequel. Watch this great comedy on Veronica on Tuesday and you can Rush hour They stream via Netflix, among other things.

the story
Last night, Hong Kong came under British command, Inspector Lee, a close friend of Consul Han Solon, prevented a number of historical Chinese items from being smuggled out of the country. Two years later, the criminal Juntao takes revenge and kidnaps Consul Han’s daughter. The latter does not pledge to find his daughter to the FBI and decides to ask his old friend Inspector Lee for help. review: ★★★ ½
In an ingenious way, screenwriters Jim Cove and Ross Lamana came up with a reasonable reason to bring Jackie Chan to Hollywood from Hong Kong. After arriving in the United States, the movie started at full speed, with a host of exciting and stunning action scenes. Also on a verbal level, the movie rushes forward at sixth speed, mainly due to the presence of comedian Chris Tucker – who jokes the viewer at full speed. So the whole thing can get pretty tiring at times, but at the end there is a super entertaining action comedy.

Along with Jackie Chan (The foreigner(And Chris Tucker)silver linings Playbook(They are also Tom Wilkinson)Ghost writer(In Elizabeth Peña)The Incredibles) Appeared in this movie. This production is directed by Brett Ratner.

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Rush hour (1998) was rated 7.0 on IMDb and can be seen on Veronica on Tuesday January 12 at 11 pm. Genre: comedy. Running time: 98 minutes.

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