Russell struggles for fame: ‘I still think it’s weird when people get to know me’

George Russell said the sun He struggles for his fame. The Englishman will be very popular this weekend at Silverstone for his home race. He is the only British-born Formula 1 driverUK driver spirits. Long live Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and Alexander Albon Monaco. Russell instead lives in a London apartment with his girlfriend Carmen Monteiro Mondt, and together they slowly begin to adjust to fame. The Englishman has yet to give up in the title fight.

“I’ve definitely noticed a change since I joined Mercedes,” said the 24-year-old, who moved from Williams to Mercedes this season. “Also because we’ve been through this pandemic and haven’t really been out on the streets or eating much. I feel like a normal boy. I appreciate that what I do it for a living so amazing.I’m lucky enough to do it, but I don’t feel famous.I don’t think I’m famous.

“Others might think differently about it. But I feel like Russell. I still think it’s weird when people recognize me on the street. We’ve had paparazzi a few times, like on vacation, something I’ve never experienced before. Plus, the fans followed us.” On the street a few times. It’s usually in good faith, but knowing you’re a follower makes it a bit awkward, especially when I’m walking around with my girlfriend. It’s good that they support you. Without fans, this sport, and we are all, nothing, but sometimes I feel like More comfortable just staying at home.”

Best eat out at a local restaurant

Continues Russell, “And the only place I ever eat is across the road at my local restaurant. Just because it makes me feel more comfortable. My girlfriend works in finance in the city and she’s incredibly supportive. When we first met she didn’t know who I was or anything about Formula 1. We’ve been on this trip together.She’s the one I spend the most time with.

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Russell still believes in the title

The Mercedes driver still hopes to compete in the title race: “We are focused on one thing and that is getting the car going as fast as we can. If we focus on that, the results will come naturally. Asked if he is still in the title race, Russell added:” Absolutely, and I see no reason not to. There is still a long way to go and a great deal of development is still going on. I went to every race for Williams over the past three years thinking I could win it.”

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