Russia cooperates again in grain deal after guarantees from Ukraine | Economie

Russia is rejoining the grain deal it struck earlier this year with Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations. The country withdrew from the agreement last weekend in response to a drone attack on a suspected Russian fleet in Ukraine.

In the agreement concluded in July, it was agreed to keep a route on the Black Sea free for grain ships to use. Because of Russia’s suspension of the agreement, it was not clear if this route would still be available.

The Kremlin now says it has received assurances from the Ukrainian government that the road will not be used for military purposes. That is enough for Russia to join the deal immediately.

Ukraine is a major supplier of grain worldwide. The Russian attack on the country put pressure on grain exports, which led to high prices and scarcity. This has caused many problems, particularly in the poorer countries of Africa and Asia.

By the way, the agreement does not solve all problems. Figures from the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture published on Wednesday turns up The country has exported a third less grain since July compared to the same period last year. Production is also much lower than it was in 2021.

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