Russia expels American and Polish diplomats

Russia will expel ten US diplomats in response to new sanctions imposed by the United States. This was announced by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

At least eight US government officials will also be placed on the sanctions list, and Lavrov says he is looking into “painful measures” against American companies in Russia.

Impact on the US elections

Yesterday, the United States announced ten Russian diplomats for the country To stop playback In response to a major Russian hack that hit a number of government agencies last year. Russia is also said to have tried to influence the US presidential election last year.

Russia reacted angrily as it is now expelling the same number of American diplomats from the country.

Following in the footsteps of the United States, Poland decided to send three Russian diplomats home because, according to Poland, “they were carrying out activities that undermined Poland.” Russia, in turn, expels five Polish diplomats.

Top in Europe

US President Biden said earlier today that he wants to work on improving relations with Russia. I suggest getting one this summer Europe’s highest To organize.

Minister Lavrov said that Russia is optimistic about the proposal of such a summit and is studying the proposal.

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