Russia sends actress and camera crew to the International Space Station to produce first “space movie” | abroad

It seems that the film project with famous actress Guilia Peresild and director Clem Sibenko is part of a new kind of space race. Last year, NASA announced that it wanted to make a movie with Tom Cruise on the International Space Station.

Russia now wants to be the first to implement such a unique project. There was no shortage of potential participants. Roskosmos has received around 3000 records. In the end, the choice fell on the 36-year-old actress Peresild, best known for the 2010 movie The Edge. She now has to play a role in a “space drama”, which was co-produced by Roscosmos and a Russian government broadcaster. They haven’t announced exactly what role the actress will be getting or what kind of plot to expect.

The film crew will be trained in a reconstructed portion of the International Space Station in the coming months. These preparations are also filmed. The team will then fly to the International Space Station with the Soyuz capsule on October 5. “Wish us luck,” Peresild wrote on Instagram.

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