Russia will store tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus

Russia deploys tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday, state news agency reported RIA Novosti. Construction of the “special storage facility” should be completed by July, Putin said.

Tactical nuclear weapons should be used on the battlefield, not to destroy entire cities. Reuters writes that Putin’s deployment of weapons is “not unusual” because the United States has nuclear weapons in other countries. “We will not hand over guns to allies, as the United States has not done.”

Putin said the United Kingdom would supply Ukraine with uranium munitions. Putin previously described the munitions as “weapons with nuclear components.” Guardian. “If this happens, Russia will respond accordingly.” England rejected its opposition. Depleted uranium has a higher density, so it can help pierce armor, but it has nothing to do with nuclear weapons.

In addition, the Kremlin is concerned about the contamination caused by the mildly radioactive metal. You have a point, Recommends a report of the United Nations, but for different reasons. The chemical toxicity of uranium, like that of lead, is a bigger problem than radioactivity.

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