Russian agents attack Navalny supporters’ demonstrations

More than ten demonstrators were arrested in the city of Khabarovsk. It wasn’t done lightly: On social media, you can see the police line up protesters, beat them and put them in a truck. Here are the pictures:

Also in Vladivostok, the atmosphere quickly turned gloomy, these photos show:

50 degrees at least

Navalny called on his supporters this week to take to the streets today to protest President Putin’s rule. This has already happened in various cities in eastern Russia, including Irkutsk. There were protests at a temperature of minus 50 degrees Celsius.

A large demonstration is expected to take place later today, including in the capital, Moscow.

Navalny returned to Russia earlier this week and was immediately imprisoned for allegedly violating a previous ruling. Below you can see how it was done:

Navalny had just returned from Germany, where he was recovering from poisoning in Russia. The FSB is accused of being behind the poisoning incident.

Putin’s Palace

Earlier this week, the opposition leader released a video titled “A Palace for Putin,” in which he claimed to prove that the president had built himself a huge palace on the Black Sea that was allegedly financed through bribes.

The nearly two-hour movie already had over 65 million views on YouTube a few days later. The Kremlin describes the accusations as “nonsense” and “lies.”

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