“Russian Little” wants to open 300 British stores in the next 10 years

UK: ‘Russian Little’ plans 300 UK stores and takes over every supermarket
Mere, a supermarket chain known as “Little Russia,” plans to open more than 300 stores in the UK over the next eight to 10 years. Russian discounter Mere has confirmed plans to open four UK stores this year, the first of which is expected to open this summer. But the supermarket chain now known as Swedofor in Russia is expanding its expansion plans and plans to open hundreds more stores in the UK in the coming years. Mere plans to open more than 300 stores in the next eight to ten years, according to The Grocery magazine. Murray has 3,200 stores internationally and opened its first European Murray store in 2018. It had originally planned to open its first UK store in Preston in June, but it has now reportedly been postponed to mid-July.
Source: Glass

Aldi guarantees living wages and living income in its supply chains
The German discount chain Aldi recently released an international status report on living wages and living incomes, noting that “living wages and living wages are integrated into human rights, and we need to tackle inequality and eradicate poverty.” They added, “We strive to create lasting change in our global supply chains by strengthening our responsible resource practices that have a direct impact on working conditions, wages and income.” Aldi, in their report, is committed not only to responsible resources, but also to greater transparency and detectability in its supply chains, working towards greater stability with industrial partners and enhancing association and collective bargaining freedom.
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UK: Asta’s revenue growth accelerated in the last quarter
British supermarket conglomerate Asta on Thursday said there was an acceleration in core revenue growth in its last quarter, with Walmart paying a dividend of nearly $ 3.5 billion before selling most of the company. Juber and Mohsin Isa and private equity firm DTR Capital completed their acquisition of a majority stake in Asta from Walmart in February, valued at $ 7.9 billion in a deal. The transaction will retain a minority stake in Walmart, subject to the final approval of the UK competing authority. According to Asta, comparable store sales, excluding fuel, rose 7.3% in the first quarter to March 31, from 5.1% in the previous quarter. Growth is driven by non-food units and online shopping in the third phase of national locking operations to control the Govt-19 epidemic, which includes the closure of non-essential stores.
Source: Reuters

Italy: Spar Italy is adding more convenience stores to its network
Spar Italy has expanded its network of convenience stores by opening four new stores. The new stores emphasize local produce and sustainable cultivation, the latest store ideas and trends in store design. New openings include the Interspar Hypermarket in Belvedere Maritimo, Cocenza Province, which has reopened after a recent renovation. The store has an extensive new manufacturing department and a department with products for special occasions. The store is owned by Spore Italy partner Miora, who will continue to renovate stores in the Calabria region.
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