Ryan Van Dorset wanted to learn from an unknown witch and body for a new program right Now

Ryan Van Dorset wanted to organize her life differently, but she wasn’t sure how. She tells the TV maker in a conversation with NU.nl that she’s been crazy with her own thoughts last year and that there is the show alternative went out. She talks to a witch, discovers UFOs and imagines her death.

“The past year has been very, very intense,” Van Dorset said. “A lot of problems have arisen. I wondered what I could do by myself and what we could do as a society.”

“Thousands of years have passed since all kinds of religions and of course we have science, but there are still a lot of problems that I thought: We have to look at those corners where people are not taken seriously. Is there anything to learn there?”

The maker of the program also visited a supporter of the Winti Doctrine. “That was really magical, like going through a hidden door. Really one of the most important features of the program.”

Van Dorset heard from the witch that her deceased grandmother was present at the interview. “I felt it strongly. I tried to approach each topic with an open mind, bent on learning something and without prejudice. I really let myself be swept away by the side of these people, who each have their own past and found their own path in the world. Some things underground. Some things underground. Altogether and then take the stand, “show it, bring it.”

“What is really going on?”

Van Dorset, who also deals with political and social issues, will float on the program alternative You do not remember. “I just want to go deeper into that and show: What good is this for us, what is really going on here? And something like Winti, which is an Afro-Surinamese doctrine, not only about spirituality, but also about the past of slavery. Very concrete the topics discussed.”

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Van Dorset believes everyone can get something from the program for themselves. “Perhaps there is a concrete solution for the future in magic.”

alternative It can be seen from April 6 at BNNVARA on NPO3.

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