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AD Song Contest PodcastThis is the second episode of AD Mediapodcast’s Eurovision Song Contest. Not a conversation about the world of TV and radio, but about the biggest music festival in the world. In this podcast the latest news from Turin. How does Stien den Hollander (S10) prepare for the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest?

Song Festival reporter Alexander Van Enenam is in Turin and speaks with S10 on the turquoise carpet at the Eurovision Song Contest opening ceremony. There, the singer told how to relax before her great performance. For example, she listens to a song by Nick Drake, and she encourages herself and has asked the director of the Dutch theater to do the same.

Furthermore, the bookmakers and poll results are discussed in the national Eurovision fan clubs. The Big Five (Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom) were also discussed. They have already reached the final automatically, and with the exception of Germany, they are all doing well.

In addition, there is a block with imitators. It turns out that Lithuania is a big fan of Dutch singer Caro Emerald. Of course, the first semi-final lineup will be discussed. What song should you hear and when can you take a rest on the toilet? Including predicting which countries will reach the final.

I listen! To AD Media Podcast: Song Contest Special II. With a Eurovision reporter Alexander from one name And a connoisseur of Eurovision Mark Dunn Blanken† Offer in My Hands Manuel Fenderbos† Do you prefer to use your favorite podcast apps via spotify or An apple† Which can! Find all of our podcasts at ad.nl/podcasts

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S10 during rehearsals. © EBU / CORINNE CUMMING

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